Challenge Your Brain with These Addictive Puzzlers

Joining Hands Two

Joining Hands Two

This is not the most challenging puzzler on the following list. However, it is addictive and really sweet. Your job is to connect the Peabins so that they are all holding hands. This sounds easy, but there are plenty of obstacles that have to be overcome. New characters with different powers get introduced throughout the game. Try the first version, too, for more fun.

The World of Goo

The World of Goo

This is more than just a great puzzler. It is one of the best games from the past 10 years. Players take the “goo” and use it to build structures so that the remaining goo gets to go to goo heaven. It could have been a childish, cartoonish game, but with 2D Boy’s, the game has become surreal and beautiful. The atmospheric music will keep you playing for hours.


Pix Words

This puzzle game comes in 22 languages. It is a crossword puzzle hidden within a picture. You can solve all the words to open another letter. This will help you solve the whole puzzle and feel like the winner you are. Also another helper for pixwords is cheats for pixwords

There are over 800 levels of play, so there really is almost no way to stop being able to challenge yourself playing Pix Words.

Hitman Go

Hitman Go

Hitman Go should not be adorable what with the assassins involved in the game. But, it is. This turn-based game is a puzzle on the award winning console version of the game. Agent 47 sneaks around many puzzling dioramas. The game is a brilliant answer to the console based game. Try and see how easy it is to put this game down! That alone is a challenge.

The Room Two

The Room Two

This is one of the finest puzzle games your fingers will enjoy playing. The game tosses you into different rooms, many of which are Steampunk styled rooms. Each room has a series of challenging puzzles which you have to solve to get out of each room. The concept is simple, but the game play is challenging enough to keep you occupied for hours.

The above are some of the most addictive and challenging games for online play around. You can download them on your favorite device and get started challenging yourself right now.

Five Best New Puzzle Games for Android in 2015

A load of awesome new additive and puzzling games hit the Google Play store in early 2015. We’ve taken the time to research, download, and play several of these hot brain teasing games this month, so that we could choose the best ones for you to enjoy. These cryptic puzzlers range from number crunchers to matching games, as well as RPG themed matching games that combine the best of both worlds. Be sure to spend some time checking out all five of these unique games, so that you can can stay up to speed on these hot new titles and increase your logic skills at the same time.

1. Just Clear All

1. Just Clear All

Just Clear All combines the fun, yet addictive qualities of match three puzzle games and the mathematical enjoyment of numerical combinations. The idea behind the game is quite simple — you switch numbers around as you play, matching them together in ever growing digits to create bigger and bigger numbers as you continue through the game. Enjoy the fun of spotting new numbers, matching them up by color and numerical value, and boosting your ever increasing score. The game’s addictive nature is sure to draw you in, and keep you captivated for weeks to come. If you enjoy Threes, this mathemetical puzzler is a game you’ll be able to sink your teeth into.

2. Jolly Jam

Jolly Jam

If you’re a mobile puzzle aficionado with a penchant for sweets, Jolly Jam may be just right for you. This exciting new match three puzzler lets you solve hundreds of stages as you attempt to save Princess Honey and her Jelly Kingdom. As you quest around the board, solving puzzles with jelly candies, you’ll also have to defeat boss fights that add another fun dimension to this exciting game. There are a ton of epic combinations you can pull off to solve puzzles, each of which play a large part in keeping you interested in this sweet adventure.

3. Drop 7

Drop 7

Zynga is quite skilled when it comes to creating smash hit games for mobile devices. Drop 7, one of their more recent titles, is a uniquely addictive puzzle game that we’ve found we have a hard time putting down. You have the option to play this addictive game in three different modes — Sequence, Classic, and Blitz. You’re tasked with dropping colored discs that have numbers on them within a 7×7 grid, with the goal of clearing the discs. Clearing discs within each row or column means you need to drop a disc with the number that equals the total number of discs in the row or column. These rules make this simple game easy to play, but quite difficult to master.

4. Frutakia 2 — Slots Puzzler

Frutakia 2 -- Slots Puzzler

Yes, we hear what you have to say. All slots games are based purely on chance and luck, and there’s no skill required at all. However, the Frutakia Puzzler shakes the familiar format up a bit. Once you’ve pulled down the lever, the wheel spins, and you see what you’ve managed to get, you actually have a chance to move each fruit to a better spot. This allows you a chance to match up appropriate icons, so you can score big. Pull the lever again and again, so you can keep your high scoring streak going. The sequel to this fun game is also available now, and we feel that it is greatly improved over the original.

5. PixWords


Created and developed by BlackMaple Games, PixWords is unique, free to play, and fun. The game is designed for both Android and iOS players, and features in app purchases. The biggest feature of this game is the non-stop challenging fun that occurs at each and every level.

At each level of PixWords, players are given a set of words which are all lapped together. The player must guess all of the letters to get to the next level with a photo clue. There are hints in the form of coins, which can also be used to remove letter that are in the way, to reveal a few correct letters, or even to reveal the answer. Additional coins can also be purchased from the store if they are ever needed. One of the best things about this hot new game is the incredibly challenging levels, which start out tough and only get tougher as the game progresses.

What’s is good about the game?

PixWords provides players with exciting game play and more than 500 levels to play through. The clues are challenging, and even the basic levels really make you think. The game also offers support for more than 20 languages, allowing players worldwide to join in the fun. The game play is simple and fun for all, and there aren’t too many features, so things are kept simple and easy for players to understand.To find the solutions for this puzzle go to Pixwords λύσεις 5 γράμματα

7 Best free Android games

The number of apps has increased in popularity thanks to the rising popularity in android phones and tablets. This means that there will be more free android games. As a result, the market may be flooded by junk. Fortunately, there are gems you may find among these apps.


To help you pick the best of the best, we have chosen the best 90 android games for you. This list contains the android games you should download to your phone and the real gems we were talking about.

1. Angry birds
This popular ios game earned over 2 million downloads during its first weekend on android. Despite all the spin-offs and myriad sequels, it is still a game worth playing.

Unlike the Apple release, the android version of Angry Birds is free. Rather than charge an upfront fee, the maker, Rovio has chosen to stick a few adverts on it.

What results ids a massive and challenging physics puzzler that is very professional and polished. All this is for free of charge. This game defies the laws of modern retail.

2. Bebbled
This is your standard gem-shuffling thing presented in a professional style. You would not be surprised to see this android game running on something featuring a Nintendo badge with an asking price similar to that of a Blu-ray disc.

Bebbled becomes a complex challenge when you try to consider the ever-tightening demands for scenes and score combos, which require you to rotate your phone to flip the play fields on its head.

3. Red stone
Red stone is one of the best square shuffling games on Android. There are very many awful square shuffling games in the market and this is why red stone comes as a great relief to gamers. What makes it even more challenging is the fact that it is one of the hardest games.

You start with a big fat ‘King ‘square which is 4 times the normal pawn squares. Next, shuffle them so that the fat king can get through to an exit to at the top end of the screen.

Just as it is hard to accurately describe a good feeling, it is also hard to describe how enjoyable this game is through this article. Just try the game yourself.

4. Newton
This is a Maths/ Physics challenge released in beta form. This game has you lining up shots at a target while complying with the forces of nature in the form of benders, pullers, traps, mirrors and pushers. All of these forces try to deflect your shot from its target.

For now this game is free of charge and a great indie creation. This is because the developer is adding levels to the game. In future, the game may be finished and you will have to pay in order to download it.

5. Angry Birds Star Wars
Rovio acquired the rights to blend Star wars characters with its popular game Angry Birds. All this happened in late 2012 and that is how Angry Birds star wars was created.

Angry Birds is not the car crash IP clash we were expecting. It is a pretty cool game with players using Star Wars weaponry to smash down scenery along the usual physics destructive action.

6. Down the mountain
You might be forgiven for thinking that Down The Mountain is Crossy road upended. Why? Because it has a range of characters in a semi-randomized lottery, hoppy instadeath mechanics and a cute isometric visual style.

Though Crossy Road is very similar to down the mountain, there are some differences. This game greatly borrows from Q-Bert more than it does from Frogger. It makes you leap down a never ending mountain with hazards coming fast and thick.

Even on the Easy Mode, it forces you to think fast in order to move right or left to avoid TNT, vicious cars and bounding cars. On hard mode, the game is not to stop much Down The Mountain as Down T.

7. Frozen bubble
Frozen bubble is based around the ancient and the concept of firing gems up a screen to make littler groups of similarly colored clusters which have been copied many times. This is what you have probably done a million times before. Get it downloaded now if you are a fan.

Top Android Games For September 2015

New games are added to the Android platform all the time and September is a great month to discover some new fun games. There has already been some interesting announcements for the Android platform this month, including two new phones from Google and some details on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.
These are some of the best games of September, and in some ways these games are a good way to get an idea of what the future of Android gaming will be like.
Check out this list if you want to try some new games or are just wondering which apps are going to become popular this month.
Hopiko by Laser Dog

Hopiko by Laser Dog

Hopiko is a fun game that can be difficult at times. Prepare to go from one extreme to another as you experience frustration and happiness.
This game requires you to swipe to guide a small character through courses while avoiding obstacles. This platformer is based on speed and on agility and you will die several times while you master this game. This game is a ton of fun but be prepared to die a lot since the smallest mistake will not be forgiven.

Power Ping Pong by Chillingo

Power Ping Pong

Power Ping Pong is somewhat similar to Table Tennis Touch, one of the first games that showed how much fun ping pong could be on a mobile device.
Power Ping Pong is a fun game that will help you develop your reflexes but it is not quite as good as Table Tennis Touch.
The controls are very responsive, which is definitely something you would expect from a ping pong game. This game is particularly interesting because of the convincing physics and the original graphics inspired by kung fu that turn this game into a fresh and original take on table tennis.

Spellstone by Kongregate

Spellstone by Kongregate

This game is loosely based on card battles games like Hearthstone. However, Spellstone is a much simpler approach to card game and is a great game even for someone who is not into Hearthstone.
The game consists in launching attacks against your opponent’s health bar. You get to see some cards and select the best defenses and attacks in function of your situation.
The game is fairly simple, easy to understand and the colorful designs will keep you entertained.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team by EA

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team by EA

Previous FIFA games had tournament play features. This new installment focuses on the Ultimate Team Mode, which consists in playing with cards.
This is not such an unusual choice given that Ultimate Team is already a popular game among console gamers and the payment system adapts perfectly to the mobile platform.
This new installment has better on-pitch action. The graphics and physics of the game saw some improvements too and you will yourself playing against a smarter AI.

BlockQuest by Wonderland Kazkiri

BlockQuest by Wonderland Kazkiri
This game is halfway between Crossy Road and an RPG with dungeons. BlockQuest is an original mix of old RPGs and new Android games.
You have to tap and swipe to avoid obstacles in this isometric world. The gameplay also includes combat sequences, looting and exploration.
BlockQuest borrows a lot from other games but different elements from classic games come together for a fun and original result.

Freeze! 2 by Frozen Fun Games

Freeze! 2 by Frozen Fun Games

This is the sequel to the immensely popular game Freeze! This time, you do not have to guide one but two eyeballs through a series of mazes.
Freeze! 2 is more difficult than the first game since you have to control two characters. Having two characters to control means you can use a lot more tactics and strategies to beat the mazes. There are also some new puzzles, such as liquid-based puzzles.
Even though there are some changes to the game, the monochrome graphics are still very similar.

Champ Man 16 by Square Enix

Champ Man 16 by Square Enix

This is one of the best football management game on Android. Football Manager Classic 2015 is another game you should try if you like football manager type games.
However, if you want something that is simpler, do not want to purchase a game or cannot run Football Manager Classic 2015 on your Android phone, your best option is Champ Man 16.
There are plenty of in-app purchases available but you can play for free. This game is fun and easy to understand, especially if you have never played a football manager game before.

Blocky Highway by DogByte Games

This is a game from the same developer who gave us Blocky Roads. The graphics are a mix between Minecraft and Tonka and are definitely similar to Blocky Roads. However, this game delivers a fun 3D world and the action has shifted to a 90 degrees angle.
This game will keep you entertained for hours. Even though the graphics and the gameplay are nothing new, this game has some addictive qualities and you will find it difficult to put down.
If you enjoyed other games from DogByte, you should definitely check out Blocky Highway.

Order & Chaos 2 by Gameloft

Order & Chaos 2 by Gameloft

This is the second MMORP from Gameloft and it is undeniable that this game is somewhat inspired by Warcraft. Order & Chaos 2 takes place in a huge world that will take some time to explore.
This French developer and publisher takes the time to introduce you to this huge world one step at a time. This is probably one of the most fun and intimidating MMORPG you could find.
You can choose an avatar from several archetypes and travel through a cartoon world with fantastic creatures. There is some combat and plenty of loot to harvest. If you love this type of games, Order & Chaos 2 was made for you.

Unkilled by Madfinger

Unkilled by Madfinger

This game is definitely inspired by Dead Trigger since it combines zombies and FPS. Unkilled is by the same developer who gave us Dead Trigger and is just as much fun. This is the perfect game if you have been missing the great graphics and zombie blasting gameplay of Dead Trigger.
Unkilled might as well be called Dead Trigger 2 but this does not take any of the fun away from the game.